TRIBUTE: Celebrating 20 Years of Spice Girls’ Debut Album ‘Spice
Happy 20th Anniversary to Spice Girls’ debut album Spice, originally released in the UK November 4 concert, but I’m sure they’ll take you to a Spice Girls concert. And the message is the same: girls TRIBUTE: Celebrating 20 Years of Spice Girls’ Debut Album ‘Spice , rotting Spice Girls t-shirt I bought in 2001 and my patched-up leather vest and ran over. I don’t Notwithstanding the inevitable backlash it received, the Spice Girls’ debut album is an outstanding Spice Girls
THIS ALBUM IS ME: Quentin Harrison Selects the Spice Girls’ ‘Spiceworld’
WHERE: Atlanta, GA ALBUM: Spice Girls’ Spiceworld (1997) Last year, I was in a local record store I THIS ALBUM IS ME: Quentin Harrison Selects the Spice Girls’ ‘Spiceworld’ the Spice Girls is hard to separate from their music itself, making it easy to dismiss their artistic inaugural book Record Redux: Spice Girls. To say that this, their second album, redirected the course Spice Girls smiled and proceeded to explain the link, for me, between the Thin White Duke and the Spice Girls. But into Bowie and with not a hint of irony I responded, “The Spice Girls.” His eyebrows raised as I Nearly 20 years on, the Spice Girls’ second studio album continues to have a profound impact on Quentin, in more ways than one.
INTERVIEW: The Magnanimous, Musical Adventures of Pop Pioneer Melanie C
collaboration for me, but also an interesting meeting of minds. They had been fans of the Spice Girls as kids Spice Girls Spice Girls music that is almost timeless in some respects, isn’t it? It’s beautifully produced pop fans and your musical contemporaries Natalie Imbruglia and KT Tunstall, you had a few Spice Girls drop fellow Spice Girls? MC: Emma, Geri and Victoria all sent me some little clips to put into the video. That releases of all three of the landmark albums she recorded with the Spice GirlsSpice is 21
NEW MUSIC WE LOVE: Melanie C Makes “Room For Love” in New Guest-Filled Video
eyes will notice clever cameos from three fellow Spice Girls (Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton, Geri perspective on Melanie C’s ‘Version of Me’ album in his book, ‘Record Redux: Spice Girls,’ available Spice Girls (2016), which debuted to public consumption late last year. In my book Record Redux: Spice Girls, I
Happy Birthday to Emma Bunton, Born January 21, 1976
reunited with the Spice Girls in 2007 for an international tour and greatest hits album. From 2003 the 2012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony on 12 August 2012 with The Spice Girls. This would be the last time that the band would perform as a quintet. Since 2016 Bunton has reunited as the Spice Girls with television presenter. She is best known as a member of the girl group the Spice Girls formed in the 1990s Spice Girls
Gemini People, Autumn Dreams & Ingénues: Emma Bunton's 'Life in Mono' Turns 10
critical guide to the music of the Spice Girls. The road to Emma Bunton's third solo offering had been An accomplished, artful pop record, Bunton’s third solo album has kept the conversation going about her impressive post-Spice Girls discography. . Bunton was one-fifth of the Spice Girls, arguably the most seminal girl group in recent memory. From . At home in the United Kingdom, the Spice Girls achieved a record breaking nine number one singles Spice Girls debut Albumism feature by Quentin Harrison, author of ‘Record Redux: Spice Girls,’ the definitive 1996 to 2000, across three studio albums, the Spice Girls unleashed a swath of hits across the globe
Happy Birthday to Melanie C, Born January 12, 1974
Me, which was preceded by the single "Anymore." Discography (Spice Girls): Amazon | iTunes Discography (Melanie C): Amazon | iTunes Discover/Listen: Spice Girls reunited with the Spice Girls for a rousing performance at the closing ceremonies of the 2012 Summer ) became the Spice Girls. The biggest pop phenomenon of the late '90s, the Spice Girls enjoyed a
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 15 Years of Melanie C’s ‘Reason’
that. Yet, this change came with challenges. Virgin Records, Melanie's label home since her Spice Girls days, began to pressure her for another Northern Star. Melanie was resolute; while she would dubbed, an anti-Spice Girls movement beginning to reach its peak by 2003. Despite this, Reason was book, 'Record Redux: Spice Girls,' available now physically and digitally. Also available now Spice Girls
Happy Birthday to Geri Horner (née Halliwell), Born August 6, 1972
Ginger Spice, a member of the successful girl group the Spice Girls; together they sold over 85 million Spice Girls and four as a solo artist), she is the female singer with the third-most number-one Spice Girls, though she rejoined the group when they reunited in 2007. Halliwell reportedly amassed a Spice Girls deal with Windswept Pacific. On 7 June 1996, the Spice Girls released their debut single, "Wannabe in The Sun as a Page 3 girl. Following her rise to fame with the Spice Girls, nude photos of
WATCH: Geri Horner (née Halliwell) Honors the Late George Michael with New Single “Angels in Chains”
watch below. For a more detailed view on Geri Horner's music, check out my book Record Redux: Spice Girls―the definitive guide to the music of the British pop quintet, which is available physically here surprising. The Watford native came to prominence as a member of the pop quintet the Spice Girls―one of Spice Girls
VIDEO PLAYLIST: The Pop Movement – A Spice Girls Retrospective
Girls. The newly updated second edition of his acclaimed book ‘Record Redux: Spice Girls’ was recently the Spice Girls for the music that brought them to the world stage. Impressively, since their debut Halliwell) discussed the enduring appeal of the Spice Girls’ musical legacy with the British publication Attitude Magazine, explaining, “We believe the whole world has its population of Spice Girls. It’s us all.” Hindsight has been (mostly) kind to the Spice Girls, the British phenomenon that rose out VIDEO PLAYLIST: The Pop Movement – A Spice Girls Retrospective Curated by Quentin Harrison, this video playlist succinctly demonstrates why the Spice Girls are Spice Girls
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 20 Years of Spice Girls’ ‘Spiceworld’
the Spice Girls to be musically formidable, they scaled the business world too. Of course, the TRIBUTE: Celebrating 20 Years of Spice Girls’ ‘Spiceworld’ Spice Girls were a funky, approachable and fresh alternative. They were also well studied. Their musical and visual disposition, the Spice Girls were peerless upon arrival. But, it wasn’t enough for Spice Girls Happy 20th Anniversary to Spice Girls’ second studio album Spiceworld, originally released November Spice Girls. It was to no avail. Multiple endorsement deals—from Pepsi-Cola to Chupa-Chups—kept their
READERS’ POLL RESULTS: Your Favorite Spice Girls Solo Album of All Time Revealed
READERS’ POLL RESULTS: Your Favorite Spice Girls Solo Album of All Time Revealed All of the five Spice Girls have recorded memorable solo albums, but which one is YOUR favorite? Spice Girls solo album as part of Albumism’s readers’ poll series! Check out the consensus results MORE About the Spice Girls here VIEW Previous Readers’ Polls here Beckham | Melanie Brown | Emma Bunton | Melanie Chisholm | Geri Horner (née Halliwell) | Spice Girls READ Spice Girls
Albumism Welcomes Quentin Harrison as Our Newest Contributor
Favorite Albums of All Time: Kylie Minogue | Kylie Minogue Prince | Parade Seal | Human Being Spice Girls | Spiceworld Donna Summer | The Wanderer published his first book, Record Redux: Spice Girls, in July 2016. It is one of a 14-part discography music critic for an arts weekly to my first published book (Record Redux: Spice Girls), I've been : Spice Girls, the definitive critical guide to the music of the Spice Girls, here. Quentin’s 5
Albumism Welcomes Brian Grosz as Our Newest Contributor
published 20th anniversary tribute to the Spice Girls’ debut album Spice, as well as his thoughtful
ALBUM REVIEW: Honeyblood Make a Convincing Case That ‘Babes Never Die’ on Invigorating New LP
recent tribute to the Spice Girls’ debut album Spice in honor of its 20th anniversary, Albumism’s various ways. While the Spice Girls and Bikini Kill may have been purveyors of very different musical
PLAYLIST: Portrait of the Artist Volume 13 – Carly Simon
edition of his acclaimed ‘Record Redux: Spice Girls’ available to order here. Don't do it. Don't read
Happy Birthday to Cathy Dennis, Born March 25, 1969
Fuller was about to turn into a gold mine. One of Fuller's most promising acts, The Spice Girls, went
Loves of His Life: Albumism’s Quentin Harrison Selects the 10 Albums He Can’t Live Without
, arguably, the finest wordsmith when it comes to exploring sexuality via music. Spice Girls | Spiceworld
Fascination: Donna Summer’s ‘All Systems Go’ Turns 30
‘Record Redux: Spice Girls’ and ‘Record Redux: Carly Simon’ are available physically and digitally
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