100 Most Dynamic Debut Albums: Eric B. & Rakim’s ‘Paid in Full’ (1987)
the mic, changed the way emcees rapped with Paid In Full. It was trendsetting musically as well change the course of hip-hop. Eric B. & Rakim’s debut album Paid In Full is in that rarified air. Eric samples that weren’t necessarily targeted towards getting people on the dance floor. Paid In Full was 100 Most Dynamic Debut Albums: Eric B. & Rakim’s ‘Paid in Full’ (1987) listen to intently while nodding their head to lyrics and beats. Albums like Paid In Full helped Album” below to explore each album or view the full album index here. ERIC B. & RAKIM | Paid in Full 4th
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 30 Years of Eric B. & Rakim’s Debut Album ‘Paid in Full
Paid in Full by Eric B. & Rakim is indisputably one of the small handful of albums that changed the TRIBUTE: Celebrating 30 Years of Eric B. & Rakim’s Debut Album ‘Paid in Full . The “Paid in Full” posse, as it became known, held court and reportedly reigned terror during hip-hop Happy 30th Anniversary to Eric B. & Rakim’s Debut Album Paid in Full, originally released July 7 , changed the way emcees rapped with Paid in Full. This was square one in a career that has been defined rawness was what was good about it.” Paid in Full is mostly hailed for what Rakim did lyrically, but
Eric B. & Rakim’s ‘Follow the Leader’ Turns 30 | An Anniversary Retrospective
-hop music with the release of their debut album Paid in Full. A little over a year later, they delivering them with an effortless flow. While Paid in Full remains the better overall album, Rakim ) with the duo. As with Paid in Full, and truthfully many of the albums released during that era . I still maintain that Paid in Full is among the best hip-hop albums ever recorded. One of the ability on this album. He has said that many of the rhymes on Paid in Full came from routines that While the duo’s debut LP ‘Paid in Full’ (1987) remains the stronger overall album, Rakim’s lyrical performance on ‘Follow the Leader’ is arguably superior.
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, "On the heels of Paid in Full, Eric B. & Rakim delivered a full clip of album titled Follow the released their debut album, Paid in Full, on the Island-subsidiary label 4th & B'way Records. The comparison to his first albums with Eric B. Eric B. & Rakim's album Paid in Full was named the greatest music critics; it holds an aggregate score of 59/100 at Metacritic. In 2011, Rakim performed Paid in Full in President", "I Ain't No Joke", "I Know You Got Soul", "Move the Crowd", and "Paid in Full.” While its
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lists, or click here to return to the main index. Eric B. & Rakim | Paid in Full | 1987 | Buy | Hip-Hop
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 20 Years of Rakim’s Debut Solo Album ‘The 18th Letter’
significant role in producing the classic debut Paid in Full (1987) and that Large Professor and
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songs by Jimi Hendrix. Reid composed the score for the film Paid in Full, directed by Charles Stone
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 25 Years of Eric B. & Rakim’s ‘Don’t Sweat the Technique’
rank up there with the best of them. Hell, you could argue that they are the best of them. Starting in 1987 with Paid in Full and ending in 1992 with Don’t Sweat the Technique, Eric “Eric B.” Barrier and
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take away something so I can add Eric B. & Rakim’s Paid in Full. LISTEN:
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