Happy Birthday to Gary “GZA” Grice, Born August 22, 1966
of him with us in the comments below! Born: August 22, 1966 Biography (via AllMusic): GZA, aka the Please join the Albumism team in celebrating GZA’s musical legacy and share your personal memories group called All in Together Now. Time passed, and GZA landed a recording contract with Cold Chillin GZA Please join the Albumism team in celebrating GZA’s musical legacy and share your personal memories of him with us. , the two biggest commercial stars to spring from the collective. But among hip-hop aficionados, GZA Happy Birthday to Gary “GZA” Grice, Born August 22, 1966 best pure rapper in the entire Clan. GZA was born Gary Grice on August 22, 1966, on Staten Island, New
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Digital in Stereo (1998) (7) OL’ DIRTY BASTARD - Nigga Please (1999) (5) GZA - Legend of the Liquid ) (117 votes) 2. GZA - Liquid Swords (1995) (94) 3. GHOSTFACE KILLAH - Supreme Clientele (2000) (51) 4 GZA Cappadonna | Ghostface Killah | GZA | Inspectah Deck | Masta Killa | Method Man | Ol’ Dirty Bastard Pretty Toney Album (2004) (1) GHOSTFACE KILLAH - Twelve Reasons to Die (2013) (1) GZA - Beneath the
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 20 Years of Killah Priest’s Debut Album ‘Heavy Mental’
lyricist, while at the time creating an interesting segue between GZA’s gem and his very own debut unprecedented monopoly in the mid to late ‘90s was the GZA’s Liquid Swords (1995). A landmark album for sinister production accompanying GZA’ grim narrations of the Brooklyn wing of the NYC killer bee movement who lived for jabs to be thrown against wack emcees. Whatever Priest and GZA’s personal relationship cover, Heavy Mental served up plenty of collaborations throughout its duration. GZA and Deck drop in
Happy Birthday to Raekwon, Born January 12, 1970
, but along with Genius/GZA and frequent partner Ghostface Killah, he has recorded some of the most
Happy Birthday to RZA, Born July 5, 1969
Together Now, a group that also featured fellow Wu-Tang members the Genius (aka GZA) and Ol' Dirty
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 20 Years of Wu-Tang Clan’s ‘Wu-Tang Forever’
-in-the-Hat ass…Dr. Seuss, Mother Goose, simple minded” rappers. Gary “The GZA” Grice, co-architect MCs to ever touch a mic. It’s GZA who has the first verse on the album with “Reunited,” setting things powers. Just to remind those who don’t know, the album features the talents of RZA, GZA, Deck member shines the brightest. The GZA is always a good place to start, as he remains one of the best , bassline-driven track produced by the RZA. After an energetic chorus by the ODB, GZA first encourages
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Inspectah Deck’s verse from “Triumph” and the GZA’s valediction for “Protect Ya Neck,” the Clan’s
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Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) in 1993. From the start, Method Man was the charismatic “front-man.” GZA
LEST WE FORGET: Revisiting Cru’s 1997 Debut Album ‘Da Dirty 30’
of quality over quantity. As the GZA once said, “Make it brief son, half-short and twice strong
DJ Muggs Recruits Top-Caliber Emcees for Distinctive ‘Dia Del Asesinato’ | Album Review
spent most of the last 15 years working on collaborative projects with artists like GZA, Planet
ALBUM REVIEW: The Wu-Tang Clan Augment Their Lyrical Legacy on ‘The Saga Continues’
an appearance, with the exception of U-God; contrary to previous reports, GZA is along for the ride Cappadonna, Masta Killa, Street Life, and GZA all shining on a grim, dirge-like beat. As mentioned before
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 20 Years of Ghostface Killah’s Debut Album ‘Ironman’
-to-be superstars like Method Man, GZA, Raekwon, and Ol’ Dirty Bastard. He was also solidly behind the
INTERVIEW: Mr. Lif & Akrobatik Revive The Perceptionists, Restore Our Faith in Hip-Hop
have to say I have to give a nod to GZA’s Liquid Swords and Nas’ Illmatic. Illmatic came out at a
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