TRIBUTE: Celebrating 15 Years of Edan’s ‘Primitive Plus’
honor hip-hop’s roots while attempting to move it forward has long been a fundamental challenge. Edan aptly-named “One Man Arsenal,” functions as an exhibition of Edan’s expertise in rhyming, beat Happy 15th Anniversary to Edan’s official debut album Primitive Plus, originally released March 19 Portnoy a.k.a. Edan has made his career creating music that honors hip-hop’s deepest roots while still An inventive song suite that draws from hip-hop’s golden past while envisioning the music’s future, Edan’s official debut LP remains a rewarding listen. are.” Edan operates as a “One Man Arsenal” on Primitive Plus: he raps, produces the vast majority of TRIBUTE: Celebrating 15 Years of Edan’s ‘Primitive Plus’ Edan
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with Lif’s Boston-born and based cohorts like Insight, Fakts One, and Edan. The album they and Lif is the closing song on Colossus. I feel like I met Edan, or I at least started knowing about him and Insight and Fakts One to Edan, in order to make it all happen. To make it crystallize. JD: Were , in ‘98 or ‘99. But it wasn’t until 2000 that Edan and I made “Rapperfection” [from Edan’s Primitive One and Insight and Edan. It’s like shit, I came up with those dudes. And so that’s just fam. I met
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reckless abandon, matching the beats’ contagious energy. Edan seems particularly at home over the first lyrical and production contributions by the “alternative” hip-hop legend Edan (not to be random explosions, as well as verses by both Edan and Wiki. The trio of emcees attack the track with ),” also produced by Edan, plays like the other side of the coin of “I Only.” The song details the
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always dope Edan appears on “How We Met,” crafting a verse where he bends both time and space; he
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lyrical heat: three verses and no real hook and chorus. The beat, provided by Edan, is perfect in its
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length, Edan spans the universe and different dimensions to take the listener through a trippy soundtrack to a movie that hasn’t been filmed yet, without a single wasted moment. Edan continues to ” | BUY via Amazon or iTunes | STREAM Here EDAN | Beauty and the Beat Lewis Recordings (2005
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love it. I’m really lucky to hear their demos and sketches. I can call up Edan and be like what are . That’s Willie Evans Jr. and Edan. I’m lucky enough to be like those are my best friends. I talk to these speaking, even if I didn’t know Willie and Edan they would be not only be in my top five producers
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