Happy Birthday to Robert Smith, Born April 21, 1959
memories of him with us in the comments below! Born: April 21, 1959 Biography (The Cure) (via Smith's ghoulish appearance, a public image that often hid the diversity of the Cure's music. At the The Cure -released in February of 1979, and the Cure embarked on its first tour of England. The Cure's debut were as enduring and popular as the Cure. Led through numerous incarnations by guitarist/vocalist for Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, the Cure's activity slowed to a halt. Before the Cure began working on
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 25 Years of The Cure’s ‘Wish’
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 25 Years of The Cure’s ‘Wish’ Happy 25th Anniversary to The Cure’s Wish, originally released April 21, 1992. [BUY Wish via Amazon hadn’t aspired for The Cure to headline stadiums. And far from reassuringly, the band’s American label Cure re-entered the studio two years later, they did so shuffled and recharged. Released on April 21 The Cure Cure’s 1989 conceptual opus, the British rock group were ascending to unanticipated echelons of The Cure succeeded while upholding their artistic vision, the tour left them fatigued, distanced
FOR-THE-RECORD: Luna Preps ‘A Sentimental Education’ Covers Album
” (Willie Loco Alexander) “Friends” (The Velvet Underground) “One Together” (Fleetwood Mac) “Most fare originally recorded by rock’s most beloved artists including David Bowie, Bob Dylan, The Cure, Fleetwood encourage you to do the same here. A Sentimental Education LP Track Listing: “Fire in Cairo” (The Cure) “Gin Mac, the Rolling Stones, and the Velvet Underground. Though I’m personally partial to their
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 35 Years of The Cure’s ‘Pornography’
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 35 Years of The Cure’s ‘Pornography’ Happy 35th Anniversary to The Cure’s fourth studio album Pornography, originally released May 4 The Cure and their fans alike—really to anyone searching for a way through. BUY The Cure’s Pornography via Amazon | iTunes STREAM Here: The Cure the job. In January 1982, recording commenced at London’s RAK Studio One. The fact that The Cure emerged , 1982. Although it clocks in under 44 minutes, The Cure’s Pornography is endless consolation for those , Robert Smith, vocalist and guitarist for The Cure, was on the brink of destruction. After their
Albumism Welcomes Rayna Khaitan as Our Newest Contributor
publications. Rayna’s favorite band is, and always be, The Cure. Follow Rayna on Twitter via @rayna. Rayna’s 5 Favorite Albums of All Time: The Cure | Disintegration Low | I Could Live in Hope The National
Albumism Welcomes Stephan Wyatt as Our Newest Contributor
. Follow Stephan on Twitter via @IllegalWiretaps. Stephan’s 5 Favorite Albums of All Time: The Cure | Disintegration
Happy 50th Birthday to Billy Corgan, Born March 17, 1967
June 2005. Guests on the album included drummer Chamberlin and the Cure's Robert Smith. [Read more
Happy Birthday to Thom Yorke, Born October 7, 1968
Greenwood, soon after discovering such '80s alternative bands as the Smiths, R.E.M., and the Cure. The
ALBUM REVIEW: London Grammar Delve Deep with Exquisite ‘Truth Is A Beautiful Thing’
that he holds the cure for her feelings of detachment, proclaiming “To hold your heart, to hold
ALBUM REVIEW: Slowdive’s New LP Resurrects Their Ageless Aesthetic with Incandescent Perfection
,” the closing track on The Cure’s Wild Mood Swings (1996), “Go Get It” strikes a delicate balance
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 15 Years of Tweet’s Debut Album ‘Southern Hummingbird’
frustration in personal pleasuring with the album’s lead-off single and biggest hit “Oops (Oh My Delight” as well. Taking another page from Chic’s brand of “Risqué,” Tweet finds the cure for sexual
Happy 60th Birthday to Stephanie Mills, Born March 22, 1957
Tantalizingly Hot, Merciless, and I've Got the Cure. During 1983, she had her own NBC-TV daytime talk show, and
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 35 Years of Prince’s ‘Controversy’
either Bauhaus, The Cure or both. Whatever his muse was, Prince brilliantly captures the mood of
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 25 Years of Sade’s ‘Love Deluxe’
Katie Melua’s acoustic version of The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven”). When Adu declares, “There must
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 25 Years of Gang Starr’s ‘Step in the Arena’
The Smiths, Psychedelic Furs, and The Cure, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Dial House, Joy Division. I
INTERVIEW: Elliot Root's Scott Krueger Cuts Through the Fray with Compelling Songcraft
the Head, The Cure’s Disintegration, D'Angelo’s Voodoo, and The Postal Service’s Give Up. Elliot
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 30 Years of Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’
Andraé Crouch Choir invite you to be part of the cure (“If you wanna make the world a better place
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 25 Years of Saint Etienne’s Debut Album ‘Foxbase Alpha’
music fan. Synthpop vets like Depeche Mode, New Order, and The Cure were still going strong, as were
ALBUM REVIEW: Mavis Staples Embodies Red, White & Blue Courage on ‘If All I Was Was Black’
the current times and offer some suggestions for a cure. The first track "Little Bit" is a real bop
RIBUTE: Celebrating 20 Years of Meshell Ndegeocello’s ‘Peace Beyond Passion’
opening instrumental “The Womb,” the first words we hear are "Jesus cured the blind man so that he could
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