READERS’ POLL RESULTS: Your Favorite Beatles Album of All Time Revealed
Please Me (1963) (19) Beatles for Sale (1964) (16) With the Beatles (1963) (14) Yellow Submarine The Beatles crafted many classic albums, but which one is YOUR favorite? ) (241) 3. Rubber Soul (1965) (196) 4. The Beatles / The White Album (1968) (190) 5. Sgt. Pepper’s The Beatles (1969) (4) EXPLORE The Beatles’ discography via Official Store | Amazon | iTunes READ MORE About The Beatles here
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 50 Years of The Beatles’ ‘Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band’
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 50 Years of The Beatles’ ‘Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band’ Happy 50th Anniversary to The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, originally released in the UK June 1, 1967 and in the US June 2, 1967. The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band turns 50 this week and it may arguably be the most discussed, dissected and analyzed album in rock history. Its detractors are loud and very vocal about its place amongst the many diverse and influential releases that came in its wake. The album came about at a time when the generation gap widened even further and the music of the time played us into a new era. The hair got longer and bigger and the clothes, if you chose to wear them, got bolder and brighter. Three years earlier, the Beatles’ appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show gave foot on a road trip with no map. The arrival of the Beatles changed all of that. Motown can be The Beatles got involved with the “Beatle Bonfires.” All along the summer tour, the Beatles had to repeatedly 1966, the Beatles released seven studio albums, starred in two movies and toured relentlessly, with . Christian groups across the south held public burnings of Beatles records. Even the Ku Klux Klan
Remembering Sir George Martin Today on What Would Have Been His 91st Birthday (1/3/26)
Biography: George Martin was best known as the producer of most of the Beatles' recordings from 1962
Remembering George Harrison Today on What Would Have Been His 74th Birthday (Born 2/25/43)
the 1970 release of All Things Must Pass, the post-Beatles triple album that was effectively his solo final album in 1990, Harrison turned toward the Beatles Anthology reunion, and then maintained a George as a superstar outside of the Beatles. His winning streak hit some rough spots in the mid-'70s The Beatles owed nothing to the blues. Later Beatles albums hinted at this flowering of talent; The Beatles and parts but also in his earliest songs for the Beatles where he didn't seem to waste a line. With the
PLAYLIST: Celebrating 50 Years of the Beatles’ ‘Revolver’ and the Countless Covers It Inspired
PLAYLIST: Celebrating 50 Years of the Beatles’ ‘Revolver’ and the Countless Covers It Inspired Happy 50th Anniversary to the Beatles’ Revolver, originally released August 5, 1966. Revolver, one earlier, Revolver is typically viewed as a major step forward from the Beatles’ earlier work. The latter The Beatles of the Beatles’ handful of album masterpieces, turns 50 this week. But “Revolver,” the body of music Revolver showcases the Beatles at the height of their powers, “Got to Get You into My Life” finds Earth Buy The Beatles’ Revolver via Amazon | iTunes Stream the Revolver Reimagined playlist below or here
Happy 75th Birthday to Carole King, Born February 9, 1942
everyone from the Beatles to Aretha Franklin. Born Carole Klein on February 9, 1942 in Brooklyn, New York Beatles), Aretha Franklin's "(You Make Me Feel) Like a Natural Woman," and the Crystals' controversial ' "Pleasant Valley Sunday," the Drifters' "Up on the Roof," the Cookies' "Chains" (later covered by the
Happy 75th Birthday to Paul McCartney, Born June 18, 1942
overseeing archival projects such as the Beatles' Anthology series. As the 21st century rolled on outside the Beatles during the late '60s, but where his bandmates released their own experimental records The Beatles (via AllMusic): Out of all the former Beatles, Paul McCartney by far had the most successful solo than a year after the Beatles' breakup, McCartney formed Wings with his wife Linda and Moody Blues weeks before the Beatles' Let It Be was scheduled to hit the stores. Prior to the album's release
Happy Birthday to Ringo Starr, Born July 7, 1940
first album for Mercury -- which was released after the surprising success of the Beatles' Anthology project. The world had seemingly rediscovered its love for the Beatles, and Vertical Man cracked the Starr, born Richard Starkey, was the drummer in the Beatles from 1962 to 1970 and thus became one of the three other ex-Beatles, made Ringo, which featured two number one hits, "Photograph" and "You're
Albumism Welcomes Chris Lacy as Our Newest Contributor
@chrislacy1990 and Instagram via @chrislacy1990. Chris’s 5 Favorite Albums of All Time: The Beatles | Magical
Remembering Kurt Cobain Today on What Would Have Been His 50th Birthday (Born 2/20/67)
and singing. He listened to the Beatles and the Monkees, but changed to bands such as Kiss, Black
WATCH: The Story Behind Oasis’ Debut Album ‘Definitely Maybe’ [Documentary]
brothers’ affection for The Beatles and Sex Pistols, it not only announced the arrival of the dynamic debut albums ever made. In the case of Oasis’ inaugural effort, which was inspired by the Gallagher
WATCH: The Making of James Taylor’s Breakthrough 1970 Album ‘Sweet Baby James’ [Documentary]
generation. The album was the follow-up to his self-titled debut LP released courtesy of the Beatles’ Apple Records in 1968. Though James Taylor contained the classic hit singles “Carolina in My Mind
Remembering Joe Cocker Today on What Would Have Been His 73rd Birthday (Born 5/20/44)
group, the Grease Band. He hit number one in the U.K. in November 1968 with his version of the Beatles' "A
Albumism Welcomes Andy Healy as Our Newest Contributor
Time: The Beatles | Magical Mystery Tour Depeche Mode | Violator Michael Jackson | HIStory The Police | Zenyatta Mondatta Prince | Sign O’ the Times
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 50 Years of The Beach Boys’ ‘Pet Sounds’
Martin has admitted that without Pet Sounds, Sgt. Pepper never would have happened. It was the Beatles’ attempt saying that Pet Sounds was a great influence on how the Beatles approached recording Sgt. Peppers Lonely to equal Pet Sounds. The Roots' charismatic bandleader Questlove has called Pet Sounds a
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 25 Years of Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’
emerging around the time of The Beatles: “Had Mudhoney or the Melvins received the same amount of arrangements displayed hints, resembling The Beatles in spirit. Cobain’s restrained vocal moments exhibit this Grohl and Cobain, but the sadder moments found in The Beatles’ White Album on songs like “Julia” and cassette tapes. Nirvana’s Nevermind reintroduced us to The Beatles. The melodies beneath the murkiness
Happy Birthday to Nancy Wilson, Born March 16, 1954
by ear, by the time she reached adolescence Wilson was already a highly accomplished player of the Beatles, not be their girlfriends," Wilson said. In 1963, Ann fell seriously ill with mononucleosis first set her heart on becoming a rock star at the age of 9, when she watched the Beatles' legendary debut performance on The Ed Sullivan Show. Nancy and Ann Wilson "were Beatles fans who wanted to be the passionate a singer. Studying Mel Bay's classic book Guitar Chords and learning to play Beatles songs
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 45 Years of The Who’s ‘Who’s Next’
includes Lennon and McCartney. I don’t want to delve into crass comparisons between the two bands, but over the years, the Beatles were held in very high esteem while The Who were merely looked upon as the he can. Similarly, this technique was done to great effect on the Beatles’ “A Day in The Life” with
Happy Birthday to Kenny Lattimore, Born April 10, 1970
interpreted songs by Stevie Wonder, the Beatles, Jeff Buckley, and Eddie Floyd, among others. After five
Remembering Sam Cooke Today on What Would Have Been His 86th Birthday (Born 1/22/31)
his core black audience. In a sense, his appeal anticipated that of the Beatles, in breadth and
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