WATCH: The Story Behind Oasis’ Debut Album ‘Definitely Maybe’ [Documentary]
Oasis over by the time Oasis’ divisive third LP Be Here Now arrived in the summer of 1997. Q magazine even WATCH: The Story Behind Oasis’ Debut Album ‘Definitely Maybe’ [Documentary] debut albums ever made. In the case of Oasis’ inaugural effort, which was inspired by the Gallagher full below, along with the band’s classic promo videos from the album, and then be sure to give Oasis Whitecross directed documentary that examines Oasis’ mid-90s ascendance and domination. Due in October and ’ fantastic first another spin. BUY Oasis’ Definitely Maybe via Amazon | iTunes WATCH:
Happy 50th Birthday to Noel Gallagher, Born May 29, 1967
Oasis eventually reached a boiling point in August 2009, prompting Noel to leave Oasis and launch a new project ultimatum, and Oasis were born. Two years later, the group landed a six-album contract with Creation , melodic pop hooks of the Beatles. Although Oasis maintained a near-permanent place in the tabloids lead guitarist, main songwriter, and occasional vocalist for Oasis, Noel Gallagher played a Records and began recording their debut album. Oasis enjoyed immediate success in the U.K., where 1994's
WATCH: Liam Gallagher Delivers Video for Debut Solo Single “Wall of Glass”
Oasis moniker, while his younger brother Liam and other Oasis alums formed Beady Eye, releasing the underrated With rumors of an Oasis reunion seemingly always bubbling under the surface since the Gallagher
NEW MUSIC WE LOVE: Liam Gallagher Shares Melodic Mea Culpa “For What It’s Worth”
Oasis classic Oasis material and his signature yearning vocals, “For What It’s Worth” is the usually
100 Most Dynamic Debut Albums: Oasis’ ‘Definitely Maybe’ (1994)
Oasis short-lived musical phenomenon that would be all but over by the time Oasis’ divisive third LP Be Here Now arrived in the summer of 1997. LISTEN: 100 Most Dynamic Debut Albums: Oasis’ ‘Definitely Maybe’ (1994) Album” below to explore each album or view the full album index here. OASIS | Definitely Maybe their dissolution in 2009, any discussion of Oasis always comes back to what’s most important: the
WATCH: Fevered First Trailer for Forthcoming Oasis Documentary ‘Supersonic’ Revealed
forthcoming Mat Whitecross directed documentary that revisits Oasis’ mid-90s ascendance and domination Oasis film in UK theaters next month beginning October 2nd (no US release date has been announced yet). EXPLORE Oasis’ discography via Amazon | iTunes WATCH: WATCH: Fevered First Trailer for Forthcoming Oasis Documentary ‘Supersonic’ Revealed the past 25 years. “Oasis’ greatest strength was me and Liam,” Noel Gallagher reflects. “It’s also
WELCOME BACK WAX: Four Oasis Albums to Be Reissued on Vinyl This Summer
Oasis . PRE-ORDER Oasis’ Standing on the Shoulder of Giants and Heathen Chemistry via Amazon | Acoustic Sounds | SRC Vinyl PRE-ORDER Oasis’ The Masterplan and Don’t Believe the Truth via SRC Vinyl WELCOME BACK WAX: Four Oasis Albums to Be Reissued on Vinyl This Summer arrive in stores. The re-releases follow the 2014 reissues of Oasis’ 1994 debut Definitely Maybe Supersonic, which examines Oasis’ mid-90s ascendance and domination. The Gallaghers’ unrelenting together under the iconic Oasis moniker, and a reunion seems unlikely anytime soon, the defunct band will
Happy Birthday to Liam Gallagher, Born September 21, 1972
Oasis singles on the same day. Blur emerged victorious with "Country House" while Oasis' "Roll with It ): Liam Gallagher achieved both fame and notoriety as the lead singer of British rock band Oasis, who , the newly renamed Oasis went on to secure a record deal and make their debut album, Definitely popularity. That same year, Oasis went head to head with fellow Brit-poppers Blur when both bands released Oasis versus middle-class southerners Blur. All the while Liam continued to dominate the press on his
Song Stuck in Our Heads Today: Oasis’ “Don’t Look Back in Anger” (1995)
Oasis “Don't Look Back in Anger” appears on Oasis' 1995 album ‘(What's the Story) Morning Glory?’ Song Stuck in Our Heads Today: Oasis’ “Don’t Look Back in Anger” (1995) ARTIST: Oasis TITLE: “Don’t Look Back in Anger” ALBUM: (What's the Story) Morning Glory? (1995) BUY: Amazon | iTunes WATCH/LISTEN:
NEW MUSIC WE LOVE: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds Share Video for “Holy Mountain”
Oasis have passed since Oasis split, but the Gallagher brothers are as busy as ever. Liam Gallagher
Happy Birthday to Robbie Williams, Born February 13, 1974
with Oasis launched Williams into a world of heavy partying, drinking, and drugging. Over the course Die," was more in the vein of his early pronouncements, featuring a distinct Oasis influence Oasis, hoping that Noel Gallagher would give him a couple of songs. He never did, but all of his time
LISTEN: Shoegaze Revival Continues as Ride Unveil “Charm Assault,” First Single in 21 Years
our country,” Ride co-founder and former Oasis guitarist Andy Bell explains in an official statement
Happy Birthday to Paul Weller, Born May 25, 1958
Oasis in the '90s. During the final days of the Jam, he developed a fascination with Motown and soul the father of the thriving Brit-pop movement, and artists like Noel Gallagher of Oasis singing his
ALBUM REVIEW: Teenage Fanclub Shine on Revelatory ‘Here’
, they were largely overshadowed by more visible bands like Oasis, Blur, Pulp, and their fellow
ALBUM REVIEW: Gorillaz' ‘Humanz’ Funks Up 2017 with Musical Anarchy and Hedonism
, Peven Everett, Noel Gallagher (of Oasis), and Vince Staples. The artists assembled come to the party
Happy Birthday to Burt Bacharach, Born May 12, 1928
alternative bands began name-checking the hitmaker as an influence, and Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher Oasis' Definitely Maybe. BBC-TV focused on Bacharach in a January 1996 documentary, and a three-disc
Happy Birthday to Tom Chaplin, Born March 8, 1979
internalizing the epic sounds of their set list, which included songs by Oasis, U2, and the Beatles
Happy Birthday to Damon Albarn, Born March 23, 1968
well. Although chief rivals Oasis quickly usurped Blur's dominance, 1995's The Great Escape debuted at
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 25 Years of Blur’s Debut Album ‘Leisure’
, Oasis, Pulp and Suede. These are arguably the most successful bands to emerge from England’s Britpop
PLAYLIST | Portrait of the Artist Volume 7: Richard Ashcroft
of singles from These People, are also included. The mix concludes with Oasis’ “Cast No Shadow
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