NEW MUSIC WE LOVE: Mick Jagger Shares Provocative “England Lost” & “Gotta Get a Grip”
Mick Jagger after celebrating his 74th birthday, Sir Mick Jagger has shared a pair of provocative singles (and Artist: Mick Jagger Songs: “England Lost” & “Gotta Get a Grip” Buy: Amazon | iTunes Just a few days NEW MUSIC WE LOVE: Mick Jagger Shares Provocative “England Lost” & “Gotta Get a Grip”
Forever Celebrating the Life & Legacy of David Bowie
Mick Jagger’s surname, he redubbed his own after a fixed-blade fighting knife. Bowie’s blade proved
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 45 Years of The Rolling Stones’ ‘Exile on Main St.’
Mick Jagger , just as Mick Jagger was singing “Sympathy for the Devil?” Photo: Dominique Tarlé Only by doubling whose lips came to symbolize this entire enterprise. I don't blame Mick Jagger for not counting Exile . “The sunshine bores the daylights outta me, chasin' shadows, moonlight mystery.” –Mick Jagger/Keith blues, country, gospel and R&B elements that birthed rock and roll as we know it. By 1971, Mick Jagger was
Happy Birthday to Mick Jagger, Born July 26, 1943
Mick Jagger Please join the Albumism team in celebrating Mick Jagger’s musical legacy and share your personal Happy Birthday to Mick Jagger, Born July 26, 1943 lead singer for the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger virtually invented the concept of the rock & roll Please join the Albumism team in celebrating Mick Jagger’s musical legacy and share your personal memories of him with us. talent with an interest in pop, dance, and world music. Mick Jagger met Keith Richards when they
FOR-THE-RECORD: Luna Preps ‘A Sentimental Education’ Covers Album
) Sleepy City” (Mick Jagger & Keith Richards) “Let Me Dream if I Want to” (Mink DeVille) “Car Wash Hair
Happy Birthday to Raphael Saadiq, Born May 14, 1966
and his band of the same name backed Mick Jagger for a Grammy Awards perfomance of Solomon Burke's
Happy Birthday to Pete Rock, Born June 21, 1970
) R&B (Mary J. Blige, TLC, Monica) Rock (Mick Jagger), Pop (Madonna, Lady Gaga) and jazz (Robert
ALBUM NEWS: PP Arnold to Unearth Lost LP ‘The Turning Tide,’ Produced by Barry Gibb & Eric Clapton
Produced by Barry Gibb] “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” [Written by Mick Jagger/Keith Richards and
Happy Birthday to Carly Simon, Born June 25, 1945
. Mick Jagger, one of those suggested, sang backup on the recording. "The Right Thing to Do," a
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 20 Years of The Rolling Stones’ ‘Bridges to Babylon’
into their own sticky blend of rock music tonic. Mick Jagger's off-kilter voice matched his off-kilter
Happy Birthday to Richard Ashcroft, Born September 11, 1971
spiritual descendant of rock & roll icons like Mick Jagger and Jim Morrison -- rivetingly
Happy Birthday to Marianne Faithfull, Born December 29, 1946
to her extraordinary beauty and her long-running romance with Mick Jagger, although she offered a
Remembering Peter Tosh Today on What Would Have Been His 73rd Birthday (Born 10/19/44)
Rolling Stones and had an international hit with a duet with Mick Jagger, then toured again to visiting British rock star Mick Jagger, who'd been backstage that night. The Jamaican now signed to
PLAYLIST: Celebrating 50 Years of the Beatles’ ‘Revolver’ and the Countless Covers It Inspired
Sinatra and Mick Jagger as possible sources of inspiration, confirms what is already clear from the song
Happy Birthday to Wyclef Jean, Born October 17, 1969
, Santana ("Maria Maria"), Mick Jagger, and Canibus. He also served as Canibus' manager for a short time. By
INTERVIEW: Wyclef Jean Inspires Through His Enduring Carnival of Culture & Song
Simon, Mick Jagger, Earth, Wind & Fire, Kenny Rogers, The Rock, LaBelle, Xzibit, Ja Rule, Juvenile, R
Happy 70th Birthday to Don Henley, Born July 22, 1947
Heartbreakers drummer Stan Lynch, Cass County featured guest spots by Merle Haggard, Mick Jagger, Miranda
Happy Birthday to Rick Rubin, Born March 10, 1963
, Metallica and Mick Jagger. He was co-head of Columbia Records from 2007 to 2012, winning a Grammy in
Happy Birthday to Keith Richards, Born December 18, 1943
, he epitomized guitar-hero cool as the quiet, stoic alter ego to Mick Jagger's extroverted frontman
Living Colour’s Debut Album ‘Vivid’ Turns 30 | An Anniversary Retrospective
solo by none other than Mick Jagger. Jagger’s involvement wasn’t restricted to just a guest spot
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