TRIBUTE: Celebrating 25 Years of Lord Finesse’s ‘Return of the Funky Man’
Without spawning a major hit single, Lord Finesse’s superb sophomore album remains an important chapter in one of the unsung careers of hip-hop. . With a unique blend of lyrical bravado mixed with personal humility, Lord Finesse, who is now TRIBUTE: Celebrating 25 Years of Lord Finesse’s ‘Return of the Funky Man’ share one of hip-hop’s great secrets: that Lord Finesse is probably the intermittent rap fan’s Happy 25th Anniversary to Lord Finesse’s Return of the Funky Man, originally released February 11 , Lord Finesse etched his name into the annals of rap royalty with his 1990 debut album Funky favorite rappers’ favorite rapper. BUY Lord Finesse’s Return of the Funky Man via Amazon | iTunes STREAM Here: Lord Finesse
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trio, Three the Hard Way. His first notable appearance came on Lord Finesse's "Yes You May (Remix
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contribution from Lord Finesse, who raps, “I make papes off the shit I create, and then dictate / So get your -born and raised tandem came up with fellow artists Lord Finesse, Diamond D, Fat Joe, and Big L. In 1990, Showbiz produced two tracks on Lord Finesse’s debut album Funky Technician, with A.G posse cut featuring verses from Showbiz, A.G., Diamond D and Lord Finesse. That song become the
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native Lord Finesse’s 1990 album Funky Technician. Lord Finesse, Showbiz and Diamond would become
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fellow Bronx residents Lord Finesse and Showbiz & A.G. Some of Diamond’s first production credits Finesse. Like the name suggests, the members of the group remained committed to going to the most become the foundation of a crew that went by the same name, made up of Diamond, Showbiz & A.G., and Lord appeared on Lord Finesse’s debut album Funky Technician. One of his first lyrical appearances was on A
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shit like that. When Lord Finesse got his deal with Wild Pitch for The Funky Technician, which Finesse’s Funky Technician. There was a quick spin-off group of the Geto Boys called the Ghetto Girls. I at that point. JD: You mentioned your crew which was D.I.T.C. Like Showbiz and Lord Finesse, those the Ultimate Force thing, “I’m Not Playing.” That’s like ’88, ’89. Then after that, I did Lord that as a producer for artists like Lord Finesse, Busy Bee, and even obscure Rap-A-Lot Records side
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off!” The heavy-hitting collective D.I.T.C. stepped in as well, deploying Lord Finesse and
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