TRIBUTE: Celebrating 30 Years of Eric B. & Rakim’s Debut Album ‘Paid in Full’
-minute video showing him recreating how he made the beat for “Eric B. is President.” On the album’s interesting, because, to put it bluntly, Eric B.’s scratches are not particularly that good. But these are he produced bothEric B. is President” and “My Melody.” Marl has gone so far as to release an 11 Eric B. & Rakim liner notes, all production is credited to both Eric B. & Rakim, with Marl receiving only credit for TRIBUTE: Celebrating 30 Years of Eric B. & Rakim’s Debut Album ‘Paid in Full’ Paid in Full by Eric B. & Rakim is indisputably one of the small handful of albums that changed the
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 25 Years of Eric B. & Rakim’s ‘Don’t Sweat the Technique’
the God MC, above the petty concerns and beefs of the world of hip-hop. Eric B., ostensibly the DJ albums has always been, well, tricky. Eric B. & Rakim are listed as the producers for the entire song suite. Don’t Sweat the Technique would be one of Eric B. & Rakim’s last appearances as a duo Eric B. & Rakim Aftermath records sprinkled in between. On the other hand, Eric B. has played the background following still hasn’t been a new Eric B. & Rakim tour, though Rakim himself appears to be currently on tour. All TRIBUTE: Celebrating 25 Years of Eric B. & Rakim’s ‘Don’t Sweat the Technique’ Although Eric B. & Rakim’s musical partnership ended unexpectedly after four albums, they went out on a high note with ‘Don’t Sweat the Technique.’
Happy 50th Birthday to Rakim, Born January 28, 1968
wrangling eventually led to the duo dissolving completely. After his breakup with Eric B. in early make the final selection. After Rakim responded to Eric B.'s search for "New York's top MC", Eric B's friend Eric B. & Rakim . He grew up in Wyandanch, New York, and became involved in the New York hip hop scene at 18. Eric B. brought singles attained moderate success, the album performed better on music charts than Eric B. & Rakim's album peaked at number fifty-eight on the Billboard 200 chart and produced five singles: "Eric B. Is
100 Most Dynamic Debut Albums: Eric B. & Rakim’s ‘Paid in Full’ (1987)
Album” below to explore each album or view the full album index here. ERIC B. & RAKIM | Paid in Full Eric B. & Rakim Eric B.” Barrier and William “Rakim” Griffin III may not have set out to change the game when they change the course of hip-hop. Eric B. & Rakim’s debut album Paid In Full is in that rarified air. Eric 100 Most Dynamic Debut Albums: Eric B. & Rakim’s ‘Paid in Full’ (1987)
Song Stuck in Our Heads Today: Jody Watley’s “Friends” featuring Eric B. & Rakim (1989)
Song Stuck in Our Heads Today: Jody Watley’s “Friends” featuring Eric B. & Rakim (1989) Eric B. & Rakim ARTIST: Jody Watley featuring Eric B. & Rakim TITLE: “Friends” ALBUM: Larger Than Life (1989) BUY: Amazon | iTunes WATCH/LISTEN:
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 20 Years of Rakim’s Debut Solo Album ‘The 18th Letter’
"It’s Been a Long Time" where Rakim quotes his "I came in the door / I said it before" line from "Eric , 1997. It’s hard to find anything to say about pioneering hip-hop duo Eric B. & Rakim that hasn’t about what exactly Eric B. brought to the table. It’s now widely accepted that Marley Marl played a a problem for Rakim. In the years since Eric B. & Rakim’s heyday there has been doubt and confusion said it before" line on "It’s Been a Long Time" ends with “but no I ain’t down with Eric B. no more
PLAYLIST | Portrait of the Artist Volume 6: N.W.A
Eric B. & Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, De La Soul, KRS-One & Boogie Down Productions, and A Tribe Called
SOUNDTRACK SALUTE: Celebrating 25 Years of the ‘Juice’ Soundtrack
bassline, is one of Eric B & Rakim’s greatest, which by default makes it a canonical hip-hop song. The the following year. It boasted four charting singles: the aforementioned “Uptown Anthem,” Eric B. & Rakim’s
Happy Birthday to Busta Rhymes, Born May 20, 1972
and Eric B. & Rakim, the foursome united as Leaders of the New School and signed a deal with Elektra MCs Charlie Brown, Dinco D., and Cut Monitor Milo. Inspired by fellow Long Islanders Public Enemy
Real Raw: Celebrating Craig Mack's Life & Legacy
Operation: Get Down released in 1997 allowed him to work with big names like Eric B., who served as one of
Loves of His Life: Albumism’s Jesse Ducker Selects the 10 Albums He Can’t Live Without
lists, or click here to return to the main index. Eric B. & Rakim | Paid in Full | 1987 | Buy | Hip-Hop
Happy Birthday to Jody Watley, Born January 30, 1959
an early R&B/hip-hop blend with Eric B. & Rakim making an appearance. The remix album You Wanna
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 25 Years of Main Source’s Debut Album ‘Breaking Atoms’
Eric B. & Rakim (including “In the Ghetto” from 1990’s Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em) and Kool G Rap & DJ
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 15 Years of AZ’s ‘Aziatic’
verse on “Eric B. is President.” Another is N.W.A.’s song “Straight Outta Compton,” and a few years
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 15 Years of Edan’s ‘Primitive Plus’
tribute to songs like Eric B. & Rakim’s “Lyrics of Fury.” The track features lightning-fast drums
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 15 Years of Large Professor’s ‘1st Class’
hip-hop, Large Pro seemed destined for greatness dating back to his apprenticeship on Eric B. & Rakim’s
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 20 Years of OutKast’s ‘ATLiens’
ever made, along with the first three released by their iconic East Coast peers, Eric B. & Rakim, A
Happy 40th Birthday to John Mayer, Born October 16, 1977
several genres, making guest appearances on albums by Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, and B.B. King, while collaborating with blues artists (Buddy Guy, B.B. King, Eric Clapton) and jazz legends (John Scofield, Herbie
SOUNDTRACK SALUTE: Nine ‘90s Soundtracks That Still Sound Superb Today
Era, including Eric B. & Rakim (“Juice (Know the Ledge)”), Big Daddy Kane (“Nuff Respect”), Too
TRIBUTE: Celebrating 25 Years of Kool G Rap & DJ Polo’s ‘Live and Let Die’
Professor, Eric B., and Biz Markie on Wanted: Dead or Alive, as well as him and DJ Polo producing some of
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